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  • Increase the real estate value of your home
  • Improve physical safety for whole family
  • Raise energy efficiency and cost saving options


  • Integrated easily and affordably into all building projects
  • Invest into an aging customer market base who are looking for new housing solutions
  • Increase profits


  • Support HUMAN sustainability in your community
  • Resolve age-in-place solutions in housing
  • Increase housing affordability, reduce social segregation and deliver a proven building standard

SAFERhome the only 100% measurable

"GOLD Standard" in Universal Home Design

April 11, 2016

SAFERHome Standards Society partners with
Homeowner Protection Office Technical Research & Education


SAFERHome is a program recipient for the HPO's Building Excellence Research & Education Grants, Spring 2016.  The details of the Industry Research Project are outlined below.

Universal Design Housing 

Description • The universal design housing standards include safety and accessibility features such as wider doors, lower thresholds, easier access to light switches, smart home-style electrical options. • This study will identify research costs and benefits to incorporate universal design standards in low-rise multi-unit buildings. 

Status: Project to be completed in 2016  Partners: SAFERHome Standards Society  Audience: Builders, design professionals and the industry in general. 

Building for Ageing in Place - March 10, 2016 presentation


March 10, 2016

Building for Ageing in Place – Gordon Porter Executive Director
Presentation to Canadian Home Builders' Association of British Columbia

Creating inclusive housing designs with universal design principles is an important topic in all communities. When widely adopted by developers, inclusive housing design will help meet the changing needs of homeowners in residential buildings and serve the general needs of families and seniors. This course will demonstrate:

  • the incentives for developers and the direct benefits of building a home with inclusive design features;

  • the true costs of implementing inclusive housing design features; and

  • how to develop marketing language to clarify the value of the end product.

  • presentation

Annual General Meeting

SAFERhome Standards Society
Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Robertson Neil LLP
Lawyers & Trademark Agents
Suite 1350, 650 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4N9

New Executive Director. Gordon Porter

SAFERhome has a new Executive Director. Gordon Porter has taken over the running and direction of the society. With Gordon's backing the society will now grow to meet the needs of all our communities.

Contact Gord at 778.255.2207 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our new phone number is 778.255.2207

ASTTBC Renews Link with SAFERhome Standards Society

SAFERhome folk visited ASTTBC recently to re-connect and consider how the two groups might once again collaborate in the delivery of the SAFERhome program.        


Pictured here are (l to r): ASTTBC CEO John Leech; SAFER Executive Director Gord Porter; Founding Executive Director Pat Simpson; SAFER marketing and promotion champion Debbie Walker and ASTTBC Manager, Professional Practice & Development, Jason Jung.


Several years ago ASTTBC collaborated with SAFERhome in developing and publishing a Guide. In addition ASTTBC and SAFERhome collaborated in developing a special SAFER Certification program for ASTTBC registered House and Property Inspectors. ASTTBC member s who completed the training were recognized by SAFERhome to inspect and approve a building as having met the SAFERhome Standards.

Update on the Englewood Courtyard Project


The Project is now been officially inspected and certified "SAFERhome".

Drop by the project and you will be amazed at the quality and design that Mark Perry and his team have built. This is the most advanced new housing in Canada. There is nothing even close to this anywhere in North America. True Sustainable design that turns a house into a wonderful home.

The best real estate buy on the market.  Mark Perry of Englewood Courtyard has informed us that the sales have been brisk and the project is already 50% sold!

Our excellent ASTTBC Inspectors have now certified the first building and we have gathered some great cost information. The costs of including the SAFERhome Standards have come in lower than even we had originally forecast. More cost information will be on this page shortly.

Welcome to the City of Vernon and the City of Armstrong to the SAFERhome Society Membership

vernon-logoThe City of Vernon organized a "get to know SAFERhome" meeting and brought in their inspectors and planners as well as other planners and inspectors from adjoining areas.

Vernon and Armstrong have joined in with Maple Ridge in being proactive with the community housing. These communities now have a real and tangible tool kit to future proof their housing.

Now you can get a hard copy of the SAFERhome manual or just some friendly SAFERhome facts at any of their planning departments.

These communities are now helping to get their community members all the real information needed to design, build or renovate a home to be a better place to live.

Research Study on Universal Design Features in Residential Buildings

The Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing, has partnered with the SAFERhome Standards Society to conduct a research study on the costs and benefits of incorporating universal design features in residential buildings.

Plans for the study were announced at an August 2013 groundbreaking for a new 156-unit family housing development being built by Englewood Courtyard Management Ltd which will incorporate the SAFERhome’s 19-point standards. Since the announcement, foundation work has commenced on phase one of the
Englewood Courtyard development.

The HPO will provide funding for SAFERhome inspection and certification of the 100 units as required for the research study. We anticipated that the research study will be completed in 2015 and results will be shared with industry and published on the HPO website at that time.

Homes built to SAFERhome standards can easily adapt to changing lifestyle needs to accommodate accessibility modifications over time.

"Universal design is about everyone. It’s a way of keeping children safer, a way of more easily having grandparents live or visit at home, and a way to age in place with dignity. Universal design creates more inclusive communities and supports inter-generational living," said Patrick Simpson, past Executive Director, SAFERhome Standards Society.

Englewood Courtyard Presentation Center


Pictured at the groundbreaking left to right:

Chuck Stam, City of Chilliwack; Chief Campbell, Tzeachten First Nation; Al Hogarth, Chairman SAFERhome Standards Society; Andrew Macdonald and Mark Perry of Englewood Courtyard Management Ltd.; and MLA John Martin.

Find out more information on these exciting new homes and get all your questions answered by contacting Englewood using the methods below:

Project Office 604-824-8232     Tracey L'Hoist 604-362-1505     Mark Perry: 778.240.8513
Email -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it      This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it      http://www.englewoodcourtyard.ca/
45750 Keith Wilson Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Presentation Center ( Open 12-4 Daily! )

Announcment - New Pilot Project for BC Residential Developers

HPO_Announcement_Oct_2012These great community people came out to help with the announcement of the new pilot project for BC residental developers that supports the building of Universal Design Housing.

left to right:

Mayor Brodie of Richmond, Anne McMullin President & CEO of UDI, Hon. Minister Yap, Al Hogarth Chairman of SAFERhome Board, Rob Howard MLA of Richmond.

SAFERhome is trademarked in Canada and USA to
protect consumers and their housing
from any misrepresentation.

SAFERhome is a way for consumers to get a tangible
and measurable building
standard included into their projects.

SAFERhome is an affordable and invisible building
that makes homes worth more!

SAFERhome is helping to make your home a
"Family-Friendly Environment" and
a better investment!

SAFERhome gives consumers the ability
to have a clear say in
how their homes are built!

SAFERhome - Making homes look better,

work better and worth more.

If you want or need a home that's both attractive and meets your current and future needs while looking fabulous then you have found the real and commonsense solution with SAFERhome.

SAFERhome Standards are 19 simple and measurable standards that result in a home that anticipates the needs of its users and provides a safer, more universally functional home environment. SAFERhome Standards fall within existing national and provincial building code requirements.

Why everyone needs a SAFERhome

According to Statistics Canada, by the year 2032, 48% of Canadians will be over 65 years old. That means, that by building to SAFERhome Standards, half the community will be directly served with appropriate housing to keep them safer, active and independent in their homes longer. As a bonus, everything we do for our aging parents works just as well for our children.

SAFERhomes are attractive, functional, valuable homes

There are already over 400 homes in British Columbia that are SAFERhome-certified. With the increasing demand for senior-friendly and family-friendly housing, those units will be in high demand in the real estate market.

Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization funded by the BC Ministry of Housing to tell you: "Whether you are a home owner, home builder, developer, or municipality council member, you can do this today!"


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