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  • Increase the real estate value of your home
  • Improve physical safety for whole family
  • Raise energy efficiency and cost saving options


  • Integrated easily and affordably into all building projects
  • Invest into an aging customer market base who are looking for new housing solutions
  • Increase profits


  • Support HUMAN sustainability in your community
  • Resolve age-in-place solutions in housing
  • Increase housing affordability, reduce social segregation and deliver a proven building standard


SAFERhome now has a new office location

in Beautiful Armstrong BC

Our new phone number is 1-250-546-6775

SAFERhome the only 100% measurable  "GOLD Standard" in Universal Home Design

An Essential Tool to Help Your Clients Keep Their New Home in Top Shape

Most real estate professionals are not construction experts, but it makes sense to understand the elements that make up the homes you sell and how they should perform.

The Homeowner Protection Office’s Residential Construction Performance Guide will help you and your clients understand how new homes should perform and which construction defects – including design, materials and workmanship – are covered under mandatory warranty insurance in British Columbia  Here’s an article you can share with your clients on your website, newsletters and social media:

Your new home is more than just a house, townhouse or condo; it’s likely the biggest financial investment you and your family will make in life. While all new homes constructed by Licensed Residential Builders and offered for sale in British Columbia come with mandatory home warranty insurance, homeowners are responsible for basic home maintenance. Maintaining your home will protect your investment and your insurance coverage.

The Homeowner Protection Office’s Residential Construction Performance Guide will help you understand how new homes should perform and which defects in design, labour or materials are covered under home warranty insurance in B.C.Revised and expanded in 2014, this free searchable online guide: Features more than 290 performance conditions Provides helpful maintenance tips Addresses possible defects in 15 major construction categories Provides uniform criteria to help consumers self-evaluate possible defects Covers the most common defect claims submitted under a home warranty insurance policy Explains the minimum required performance of new homes under home warranty insurance in B.C.
The guide will also help you to better understand how warranty providers may evaluate claims. Available online at the HPO’s website, www.hpo.bc.ca, it’s a valuable resource to help you ensure that your home is performing properly and maintained for years to come.

Englewood_2014  Englewood_2014-2

Pictured (L-R): Brad McCannell, Mark Perry, Wilma Leung, Karen Hemmingson, Tracey L'Hoist.

Update on the Englewood Project!
The Project is now ready for inspection. Drywalling is about to begin.

Brad McCannell is doing his first inspections. We are looking forward to the show suites being open in December 2014. Because it is a research project, we found so far that we supplied 90% of the SAFER program and it only added $210 to each suite.
Mark Perry has informed us that the sales have been brisk and the project is already 50% sold!
Our ASTTBC Inspectors will be certifing The first building in two weeks!!

Welcome to the City of Armstrong and the City of Vernon to the SAFERhome Society Membership.
Vernon and Armstrong have joined in with The Township of Langley and Maple Ridge in being proactive with the community housing.

Now you can get a hard copy of the SAFERhome manual or just some friendly SAFERhome facts at any of their planning departments.
These four communities are now helping to get their community members all the real information needed to design, build or renovate a home to be a better place to live.


Pictured at the groundbreaking (L-R): Chuck Stam, City of Chilliwack; Chief Campbell,
Tzeachten First Nation; Al Hogarth, Chairman SAFERhome Standards Society;
Andrew Macdonald and Mark Perry of Englewood Courtyard Management Ltd.; and MLA John Martin.

Research Study on Universal Design Features
in Residential Buildings

The Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing, has
partnered with the SAFERhome Standards Society to conduct a research
study on the costs and benefits of incorporating universal design
features in residential buildings.

Plans for the study were announced at an August 2013 groundbreaking
for a new 156-unit family housing development being built by
Englewood Courtyard Management Ltd which will incorporate
the SAFERhome’s 19-point standards. Since the announcement,
foundation work has commenced on phase one of the
Englewood Courtyard development.

The HPO will provide funding for SAFERhome inspection and
certification of the 100 units as required for the research study.
We anticipated that the research study will be completed in 2015
and results will be shared with industry and published on the
HPO website at that time.

Homes built to SAFERhome standards can easily adapt to
changing lifestyle needs to accommodate accessibility
modifications over time.

"Universal design is about everyone. It’s a way of keeping children
safer, a way of more easily having grandparents live or visit at home,
and a way to age in place with dignity. Universal design creates
more inclusive communities and supports inter-generational living
said Patrick Simpson, Executive Director, SAFERhome Standards Society.

Come join in the fun

Englewood Presentation Center

Find out more information on these exciting new homes and get all your questions answered by contacting Englewood using the methods below:

  Project office 604-824-8232

Tracey L'Hoist 604-362-1505

Mark Perry: 778.240.8513


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


45750 Keith Wilson Road
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Presentation Center ( Open 12-4 Daily! )


These great community people came out to help with the announcement of the new pilot project for BC residental developers that supports the building of Universal Design Housing
left to right: Mayor Brodie of Richmond, Anne McMullin President & CEO of UDI, Hon. Minister Yap,
Al Hogarth Chairman of SAFERhome Board, Rob Howard MLA of Richmond.

SAFERhome is trademarked in Canada and USA
protect consumers and their housing

from any misrepresentation.

SAFERhome is a way for consumers to get a tangible
and measurable building
standard included into their projects.

SAFERhome is an affordable and invisible building

that makes homes worth more!

SAFERhome is helping to make your home a
"Family-Friendly Environment" and
a better investment!

SAFERhome gives consumers the ability
to have a clear say in
how their homes are built!

SAFERhome - Making homes look better,

work better and worth more.

If you want or need a home that's both attractive and meets your current and future needs while looking fabulous then you have found the real and commonsense solution with SAFERhome.

SAFERhome Standards are 19 simple and measurable standards that result in a home that anticipates the needs of its users and provides a safer, more universally functional home environment. SAFERhome Standards fall within existing national and provincial building code requirements.

Why everyone needs a SAFERhome

According to Statistics Canada, by the year 2032, 48% of Canadians will be over 65 years old. That means, that by building to SAFERhome Standards, half the community will be directly served with appropriate housing to keep them safer, active and independent in their homes longer. As a bonus, everything we do for our aging parents works just as well for our children.

SAFERhomes are attractive, functional, valuable homes

There are already over 400 homes in British Columbia that are SAFERhome-certified. With the increasing demand for senior-friendly and family-friendly housing, those units will be in high demand in the real estate market.

Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization funded by the BC Ministry of Housing to tell you: "Whether you are a home owner, home builder, developer, or municipality council member, you can do this today!"


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